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Future home of Boothe Brother's HOA-MS Coming Soon

Future home of Boothe Brother's HOA-MS Coming Soon

November 23, 2021
Event Date:
October 24, 2021

This trio of brothers are currently working to acquire a physical location for HOA-MS. The current plans are to house the non-profit’s office in the building located on Highway 6 and Eureka, currently known as the ‘old’ Piggly Wiggly building. A Special Thanks goes out to Rev. Walter Newson, Pastor of Mt. Gillion M.B. Church for his blessing of the building on Sunday, October 24, 2021. HOA-MS appreciates all of you who continue to inspire, mentor, and support us and others who also pour tireless effort into building our communities.

Photo: 310 W Hwy 6 (Old Piggly Wiggly), Batesville, MS: Leonard Boothe, Zimmie Boothe Jr., Rev Walter Newson Jr (Pastor, Mt Gillion MB Church) and Terrell Boothe.

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